Make a Budget

Are you keeping up with your finances? As a mother to a three year old and wife to a hunky, hard-working man, it is vital for me to keep a budget to ensure our fixed expenses and flexible expenses are covered.

The Federal Trade Commission, an independent agency of the US government, whose primary mission is to protect America’s consumers, offers a simple yet effective worksheet called, “Make a Budget“. This worksheet allows you to organize monthly income and expenses. This detailed worksheet helps categorize monthly expenses in 7 different categories such as housing, food, transportation, health, personal and family, finance, and other. Once the monthly income and expenses are reported in the worksheet, it’s a simple subtraction problem that will help determine if you’re budgeting appropriately. Take a look at the “Make a Budget” worksheet.

If you are already budgeting I am sending you so many virtual kudos right now! If you are not budgeting I encourage you to take a small step towards understanding your personal finances a bit better! Your future self will thank you.


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